Monday, February 28, 2011

Second Edition Sketchbooks

I am very pleased with the new Ask Alice Sketchbooks! Perhaps you remember the first edition with the old comic book pages? Well, for the second edition, I used 2 old illustrated dictionaries. I picked them up at Camberwell markets. They weighed a tonne and until last week, I was using them to prop up my desk. They are now spread out across 1000 books, which means each sketchbook is unique and unlike the next. I was particularly happy with the first book I picked off the pile...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Perfect Space

Dearest Blog Followers,

Ask Alice is growing and no longer fits in the corner of my bedroom! I am on the hunt for the perfect studio space. I will be sharing the space with my friends at ZipZip. This is a little studio call out. If you know of a vacant space here in Melbourne and you don't want it for yourself, then would you be so kind as to send it my way? sass(at) I can't wait to finally have a big space to stretch out in! I will be keeping you all posted on my studio hunt progress!

Have a happy week!

♥ Sass

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Etsy Bears

Today's rainy Sunday morning kept me cozy in bed instead of rummaging my way through Camberwell Markets. So I decided to pull my laptop onto the bed and hunt for vintage goodies on Etsy instead. Perhaps you remember my plastic bear that I found at the Coburg Market Last year (He's the bear above)? Well his name is Edgar and he was the bear who inspired me to add a bear to my range of cards...

While I was working on this card, I looked up lots of pictures of bears and became a little obsessed. So this morning, while digging around the vintage treasures that Etsy has to offer, I did a search for bears. Here's what I found...

This fella is a nicely sized (8" tall and 7" wide) anti freeze can. Very cute, but extra pricey at $45!

One very cute panda teddy who looks like he just woke up. He has glass eyes and suede paw pads! Also pretty spendy at $45!

Panda head pillow?! Not to mention the lion and the bunny too! Not so keen on the clown.
This is an old sewing pattern which includes the patterns for all four pillows. Very cute and a pretty good price at $5.75. I like it!

My pick of the day!! I LOVE this guy. He is so damn cute. Perhaps I like him so much because he reminds me of my doggy, with his read lead and fat bottom. I found it hard to resist buying this fella, but at $25 plus $12 shipping, I am almost paying $40. I reckon if I keep an eye out, I will find another for a better price. I hope he finds himself a good home.

And lastly, the one thing I did buy. A page from an old book on natural history. I paid $8 + $7 shipping. I think this bear will look very nice in one of my old brown wood frames which I picked up at Camberwell. I'll post a picture of him once he has been framed and he finds himself a spot on our wall.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Coco Rosie

My love for Coco Rosie multiplied last month after seeing them live at the Prince. Before seeing Coco Rosie, I only knew a handful of their songs and very little about the actual band. I went to the show with my sister, which turned out to be very fitting as Coco and Rosie are sisters too!

Two sisters on vocals and a variety of instruments including a harp, children's toy instruments and a snake charmers pipe, a pianist, a beatboxer and drummer too. It was a really great show. And I have been enjoyng lots of their new songs since the show. Here's a few of them for you to enjoy too.....

I included this version of Animals because it's nice to see them live in action, being the trippers that they are, but the original is a nicer version, I think.

Another nice live version of Animals here:

Unfortunately the embebed code had been disabled so I couldn't include it.

So that's 3 songs of the week. I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today at Camberwell

The highlight of my morning! A kind stall-holder gave me this little handmade mouse. I called him "Beep". I am guessing that he was made in the 50s. He smells like a mix of women's perfume and dusty books. He is made of a nice thick felt and was constructed with some very nice needlework. He lost his tail somewhere along the way, so I made him a new one out of some twine. I can't work out why I think he is so great. I guess I just like wondering who made him and when. My doggy likes Beep just as much as I do and every time I hold my new mouse, Dee tries to take Beep out of my hand using his paw. Very cute!

Late last year I ventured to a different flea market - Wantirna Market! It's a bit of a hike for me to get out there, but it was worth the trip. I picked up a great stack of old paper as well as this great flour sifter. I bought the flour sifter as a present for my friend Milly. Ages ago she told me she would like one with a windy handle. It was pretty greasy when I got it, but it cleaned up nicely. Today I found this great kitchen measure to match. They were $5 each. I often find similar kitchen measures at Camberwell and they are always between $10 and $20. I am not sure why they get so pricey. So, $5 seemed like a good bargain. I don't think Milly follows my blog, but if you do... these are for you! It's time we did some baking together! x

One of my favourite stall-holders is a nice young lady who sells vintage kitcheny odds and ends. Sometimes she branches outside of the kitchen genre and has things like these nice loose leaf refills. Her stall always looks so tidy and cute. I was happy to buy this stack of old school paper for $1.

And lastly a nice bit of..... actually, I don't know what this is called. It's the mesh type fabric that people cross stitch on to. Do you know what it is called? I am going to spend my Sunday afternoon stitching one of Charley's drawings. I am trying to choose which one to stitch...

I would like to stitch the native american, but my stitching skills are pretty basic. Perhaps the snake would be a better one to start with. I'll let you know how it goes.

If you want to see more of Charley's awesome drawings, you can go here. He has just started his tattoo apprenticeship, so soon we can cover our arms in Charley's tattoos!

x Hope you are having a nice Sunday x

♥ Sass

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stitched Cards

I finally finished my stitching project! I hope you like it...

I did 4 different embroideries and made each one into a card. They are being printed tomorrow and will be on my online shop in no time. I will keep you posted!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Phillipa Finch

My poor blog, as well as a whole list of outstanding to-to's.... have all been neglected lately. Not to mention all my friends and family members. You might be wondering why I have been such a slack blogger, or if you are one of my friends or family members, you might be wondering where the noodle I am? I have been knuckling down and working hard on a very fun and exciting project. It has not been released yet, so it's still rather top secret. What I can tell you though, is it relates to one very cool animation by Emma Magenta. You can see a little sneak preview right here!

Cute, no?! I can't wait to watch the first episode! I will be sure to share the project which has been keeping me busy as soon as it comes to life!