Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thanks for having me KL

I had a very nice 6 days in Malaysia. Most of my time was spent in KL. I was lucky enough to have a friend in KL who gave me a place to stay and took the entire 6 days off work to hang out and show me around his home town! I thought I would share with you my 4 favourite things about KL.


Wondermilk is not your typical Malaysian cafe, in fact if I didn't know where it was located, I would have guessed some little side street in Tokyo. It's suuuuper cute.
I giggled my way through their menu as they have named their dishes with the best names ever, like "Mr. Egghead", "Say Cheese", "Turkey Love Affair", "Hot Diggity Dog" and "Mr Beefstake"!
They also have a big selection of mini cupcakes and a variety of cute brick-a-brac for sale. My kind of place indeed!

I bought a cute little pencil case from Wondermilk and some nice envelopes too. I took a picture of them on my sisters chalk board. POW... heheh....

Super nice shop run by super nice people. Jam packed with all kinds of tiny goods, I was tempted to buy just about everything in Pipit Zakka Store, instead I bought their in house magazine "Pipit International Creative" (seriously lovely magazine), a camping cup, a matchbook sized notebook and a bag of ace stickers! One of my favourite things about the shop is the fact that customers are invited to contribute. There is a wall of drawnings and a table with paper and pens. I drew a wonky drawning and pegged it on display. There is also a nice display of polaroids, the owner Mike took a polaroid of me and my friend Shawn to add to the collection. They also have an exhibition space and a lomo shop downstairs. What a great shop!

Of all the amazing food I ate, my favourite was the roti bread that has sliced banana inside. I love cooked banana. I was having my roti with "milo ice" every chance I got..... YUM!

Fancy a bit of lindy hop, a bit of shim sham a bit of boogie woogie? I had my first swing class in KL and it was so much fun! If you ever travel to KL on your own, I highly recommend rocking up to this class. The people are lovely and will be so excited to have you join them for the evening. It's a great way to meet people and shake your tail feather. They go slow for the beginners too. You'll find them here.

And here's a bit of Shim Sham for you....