Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Sunday Morning at Camberwell

Next month I will start a 5 week French course. This book can help get me ready for school! $8.

This here is my find of the day! I love it! A $5 Snowy Mountains tea towel! I grew up in Canberra with an Uncle in Jindabyne and many a ski trips to Perisha and thredbo. Now my Dad lives in Thredbo and I know the Snowy country well. The tea towel even has Canberra up in the top corner! There are lots of spots on this "tea towel map" that bring back nice memories. This fella is going to hang proudly on my wall.

A $3 tin for my short bread! I've been making short bread lately and have been putting the freshly baked biscuits into a chocolate tin. This tin is much better suited to the job.

My sister lives in Barcelona, but still has the odd bit of mail delivered to my house. The mail tends to get a little muddled with all my clutter, so this is my solution. $5 bought me a nice old tin for Aimee's letters!

Oh yes! This fella gets a big tick. I have been looking for the perfect bread keeper for aaaaages! I had trouble photographing the colour accurately. It's a really nice retro pink. The kind of pink you would find in an art deco bathroom. It did set me back $20, but I am ok with that. I think it was worth it.

A $5 picnic set, which I wont actually use as a picnic set. The plates are cute and I'm going to use them at home for sandwiches or salads. I think I will use the basket to store my scarfs in the summer and my swimmers in the winter.

Ooh and these are three really tiny Japanese whistles. They are super cute and just $2.


  1. Ooh la la, I love the dictionary and the whistles, Oh and everything else. I can't wait to get back to Camberwell.

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