Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today at Camberwell

The highlight of my morning! A kind stall-holder gave me this little handmade mouse. I called him "Beep". I am guessing that he was made in the 50s. He smells like a mix of women's perfume and dusty books. He is made of a nice thick felt and was constructed with some very nice needlework. He lost his tail somewhere along the way, so I made him a new one out of some twine. I can't work out why I think he is so great. I guess I just like wondering who made him and when. My doggy likes Beep just as much as I do and every time I hold my new mouse, Dee tries to take Beep out of my hand using his paw. Very cute!

Late last year I ventured to a different flea market - Wantirna Market! It's a bit of a hike for me to get out there, but it was worth the trip. I picked up a great stack of old paper as well as this great flour sifter. I bought the flour sifter as a present for my friend Milly. Ages ago she told me she would like one with a windy handle. It was pretty greasy when I got it, but it cleaned up nicely. Today I found this great kitchen measure to match. They were $5 each. I often find similar kitchen measures at Camberwell and they are always between $10 and $20. I am not sure why they get so pricey. So, $5 seemed like a good bargain. I don't think Milly follows my blog, but if you do... these are for you! It's time we did some baking together! x

One of my favourite stall-holders is a nice young lady who sells vintage kitcheny odds and ends. Sometimes she branches outside of the kitchen genre and has things like these nice loose leaf refills. Her stall always looks so tidy and cute. I was happy to buy this stack of old school paper for $1.

And lastly a nice bit of..... actually, I don't know what this is called. It's the mesh type fabric that people cross stitch on to. Do you know what it is called? I am going to spend my Sunday afternoon stitching one of Charley's drawings. I am trying to choose which one to stitch...

I would like to stitch the native american, but my stitching skills are pretty basic. Perhaps the snake would be a better one to start with. I'll let you know how it goes.

If you want to see more of Charley's awesome drawings, you can go here. He has just started his tattoo apprenticeship, so soon we can cover our arms in Charley's tattoos!

x Hope you are having a nice Sunday x

♥ Sass


  1. ooh, what awesome treasures! I think that cloth is called aida maybe? :)

  2. Hey! Did you end up going to the Wantirna markets that day? If so, did you like it? It's a bit more trash and treasure than Camberwell, but I liked it.