Saturday, February 26, 2011

Etsy Bears

Today's rainy Sunday morning kept me cozy in bed instead of rummaging my way through Camberwell Markets. So I decided to pull my laptop onto the bed and hunt for vintage goodies on Etsy instead. Perhaps you remember my plastic bear that I found at the Coburg Market Last year (He's the bear above)? Well his name is Edgar and he was the bear who inspired me to add a bear to my range of cards...

While I was working on this card, I looked up lots of pictures of bears and became a little obsessed. So this morning, while digging around the vintage treasures that Etsy has to offer, I did a search for bears. Here's what I found...

This fella is a nicely sized (8" tall and 7" wide) anti freeze can. Very cute, but extra pricey at $45!

One very cute panda teddy who looks like he just woke up. He has glass eyes and suede paw pads! Also pretty spendy at $45!

Panda head pillow?! Not to mention the lion and the bunny too! Not so keen on the clown.
This is an old sewing pattern which includes the patterns for all four pillows. Very cute and a pretty good price at $5.75. I like it!

My pick of the day!! I LOVE this guy. He is so damn cute. Perhaps I like him so much because he reminds me of my doggy, with his read lead and fat bottom. I found it hard to resist buying this fella, but at $25 plus $12 shipping, I am almost paying $40. I reckon if I keep an eye out, I will find another for a better price. I hope he finds himself a good home.

And lastly, the one thing I did buy. A page from an old book on natural history. I paid $8 + $7 shipping. I think this bear will look very nice in one of my old brown wood frames which I picked up at Camberwell. I'll post a picture of him once he has been framed and he finds himself a spot on our wall.

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  1. I do love a good etsy browse or two. The card is cute, top job as always Sass!