Monday, November 29, 2010

Harvest X-mas Market

I am so excited about the Harvest X-mas Market! It's going to be such a fun day. There's going to be lots of excellent stalls, yummy food, kiddies craft and you can even print your own wrapping paper! Have a look at their website to see all the great local labels that will be holding stalls. Come and visit me on the day - Saturday December 18 - 512 Lygon Street, East Brunswick.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Yesterday was such a great day! The market was a success and I felt so special having all my lovely friends and family come and visit me. A big thank you to all those friends who showed their support... I hope you guys enjoyed the show bags. Next market for Ask Alice... Harvest!..

Friday, November 26, 2010


It's been 26 days since I posted on my blog! YIKES!!!! November has been such a crazy busy month! It started with a trip to Perth. My first trip Perth, in fact. I absolutely loved it and of course, managed to find the Camberwell Market equivalent of WA. The Melville Market! It was a great day. The market was full of so many treasures. If I had a big van, I would have filled the whole thing with furniture and brought it all back to Melbourne. Prices at Melville are much more reasonable than at Camberwell. I picked up some real goodies. I spent the rest of November running around like a little squirrel in preparation for Ask Alice's first ever market stall! What fun!! The big day is tomorrow at MARKit, held at Fed Square here in Melbourne. If you read this post in time and you are in Melbourne, stop by MARKit and say hello. I would love to meet some of my blog followers. I often forget people actually read my blog and then I get a nice email or a nice comment and I realise that people do read my nattering! Thanks fellas! Now, let me show you what I found at Melville Market....

Songs of the sea 7" - I love the cover so much that this fella is now hanging on my wall.

This was my best find of the day. For $1 I got 2 packs of very old seed envelopes. Even the band
that holds the envelopes together is inspiring. I might just have to start making Ask Alice mini

A cute little blue case that I will be using to display books at the market tomorrow. Perfect fit!

These scissors are great! Very blunt but they were only $3. They have their own built in nut cracker and bottle opener!

A folding 2 meter wooden ruler. Two bucks! What a find!

3 kitch black plastic ornate frames. $2 each. I haven't decided what to put inside them yet, but am in love with them. I'm sure Charley will draw up something excellent for them.

The Kind man who sold me the frames, threw in the snake for free!

Some other exciting things from the month of November......

Outré Gallery are giving away these amazing mini prints from Angelique Houtkamp when you buy any of Angelique's prints. It's such an awesome print!! I can't wait to frame mine and hang it on my wall!

My gocco from Kate Pugsley arrived! I love it! She packaged it up so nicely too and gave me a cute little pin.

I had fun making a birthday card for my friend who likes mid-century architecture and easter island tikis.

I had one of the sweetest and most colourful ice creams of my entire life! Incredible!

So an exciting month it has been so far and the most exciting event hasn't even happened yet! Tomorrow is the big day at MARKit! I have made 4 christmas cards for day....
I'm selling these guys individually for $4.50 each or in packs of 12 for $30.
If you can't make it to Fed Square tomorrow for the Market then I will be popping remaining stock on my online shop next week. I am also releasing something that I am very excited about at tomorrows market! My first limited edition art print! It is available framed or unframed and all prints are signed, numbered and come with a cute little certificate of authenticity. Unframed prints are $35 each and framed are $95 each. I will also pop some of these on my online shop next week. Yay! So if you are free tomorrow, this is where it's at....

Over and Out!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Zip Zip

I got a RAD package in the mail the other day. I have a nice friend called Ned. Ned makes this really freakin' great product. Zip Zips are little USB drives that are disguised inside two Lego pieces. These little fellas are super handy. Ned sent me three Zip Zips, two of them are 4GB and one of them, 16GB! Perfect for a top secret, highly confidential, hush hush file.... Just build it into your Lego castle and it will never be found! Perfect! Visit Zip Zip.

Monday, November 1, 2010

$9 worth of Camberwell goodness

The last 2 Sunday's at Camberwell haven't found me many-a-treasure. I think between the two Sundays I spent a total of $9. This is what $9 can pick you up at Camberwell Markets...

A funny old rusty basket. I am going to paint it yellow!

A piece of a broken cuckoo clock. It's the Hansel and Gretel house! See the prezel above the door? In the background is my much loved little Travis Lampe Tear Drip. (He came from Outré, not Camberwell!)

These two books are very old Japanese text books. One of them had an English flash card between the pages. I pulled these two books out of a whole box full. I was happy that I happened to pick the one book that had this flash card left in it. I have plenty of Japanese flash cards myself! I wonder who owned this book?

Hee hee! Pretty Poly twine. I will be using this to tie up christmas packages.