Thursday, September 30, 2010

Juliana Neufeld

Wow wow wow! My bestie Zeshan sent me a link last week to Juliana Neufelds website. He thought I would like her work and he was spot on. Since making the discovery, I have spent lots of time clicking through images of Julianas illustrations, photographs and design work. I quickly became curious about what kind of person is behind these beautiful explosions of colour and creativity. So I sent an email with my questions and how nice is Juliana?!... she wrote back straight away! This is what she so kindly shared with me and you....

Where are you based?

Im based out of Toronto, Canada

How do you spend most of your time?

Art! I spend most of the weekdays at my studio, working as an illustrator and on the weekends, I try to connect with friends..making food, drinking wine, biking around the city.

Do you have any pets?

Im very ashamed to say I have NONE! I love animals soo much, but I'm all over the place geographically and I want to be the loving animal mother I should be, before I take home a furry little one. I basically informally adopt the cats on my block and we hang on stoops together in the sun :)

Do you have a favourite city or place to visit?

I have family in San Fransisco, which is a hugely creative, inspiring city and which reminds me a lot of Toronto and so I try to visit at least once a year. Outside of North America, Ghana and Tanzania have both been amazing experiences. I spent a week in StoneTown on the Island of Zanzibar, off the coast of tanzania and spent the week fishing, swimming, eating fresh fish and taking pictures.

Who are your 4 favourite artists at the moment?

haha..I'm going to cheat and give you top four older artists AND top four contemporary artists

Jean Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Robert Rauschenburg and Maurice Sendak

and more contemporary are
Sally Mann, Sabrina Ward Harrison, Dan Eldon and Yoshitomo Nara.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Upon a Fold

Today I was introduced to a really nice website that has a really nice blog. The blog and shop are so beautiful! A great name, a great logo, great colours, great products! Wow, I must be a fan. If you haven't seen Upon a Fold's website or blog, then I highly recommend you swing by and click your way around the paper products and paper posts. You are sure to find something you admire!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Online Shop

Thank you to all you nice people who have contacted me looking to buy my new Ask Alice products. You can now see Ask Alice greeting cards, postcard book, hardback books and mini books on the Ask Alice online shop. It's fun having some new products in the range! If you haven't seen the new stuff yet, here is a little bit (see the full range here)....

Ask Alice on The Vine

The nicey Gemma Jones posted an Ask Alice studio visit on The Vine. Have a look here

Coburg Market

Today Charley and I drove the extra distance to visit Coburg's trash and treasure markets at the Coburg drive in. I loved it! We felt like we had left Australia and were somewhere in Europe, I thought it felt a bit Italian. It was quite similar to the Encants market that we visit with my Sister whenever we are in Barcelona. Coburg markets is lots cheaper than Camberwell markets but you have to really dig through the junk to find stuff worth buying. I thought a few of the things on sale were a little odd... empty plastic soft drink bottles for example and old lollies. Amongst the weird stuff there was some cool bits and pieces worth buying, but I wasn't really in a buying mood so I only brought home a couple of little goodies (totalling $5). Little Dee got a new collar for $3 that matches his beautiful eyes, I got a plastic bear and some measuring cups. Sounds a little boring, but it was a fun morning. Next time we will pack ourselves some nibbles because we ended up spending more on donuts than we did on treasures!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Special Needs Pets

It really doesn't get much cuter than this!

Outré.. Oui Oui.. Trés Outré

There is so much great stuff at Outré Gallery at the moment, even more than usual! After a very busy few months for me, I have decided to reward myself. I can't buy them all though, so I think I might treat myself to 2 of the items on my list. At the moment I am thinking the Matte Stephens print "Arriving in Stockholm" and the Giant Yoshitomo Nara figurine, "Little Wanderer" ...

Yoshitomo Nara "Little Wanderer"

Andrew Bannecker's "No Turning Back"

Travis Lampe's "Tear Drips"

Matte Stephens' "Arriving in Stockholm"

"My First Nursery Book" - Illustrated by Franciszka Themerson
Yoshitomo Nara's "Too Young to Die Ash Tray"

Yep! All from Outré. And did you know that there is now 3 Outrés? Melbourne, Perth and Sydney! And if you include their online store, then that makes 4!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I just spent the last couple of weeks in Sydney and me and Sydney are good friends now. I have always known in the back on my head that I like Sydney, but I didn't realise just how much. Me and Charley drove there and had a really nice time. The highlight of our trip being the Rozelle markets. An excellent bric-a-brac market that was a perfect substitue for my weekly Camberwell visit.

I have collected some great things over the past couple of weeks. From Rozelle I picked up a full set of wonderful kitchen canisters. They are in great condition and they were just $10. I have been looking for a good ruler for ages now. I am very happy with this ruler which I also found at Rozelle. It is very functional, in excellent condition and was made in Denmark from Glass fibre! It makes a great sound when I click it together, totally worth the $8 we paid. Also from Rozelle a cute little wooden train for $5 and a xylophone for 50cents. The colourful wooden ruler in the picture is the odd one out because it didn't come from Rozelle - it came all the way from my boyfriends garage in France. Charley found it on the floor in his mums garage and knew I would like it so brought it all the way back to Australia for me. It's rad! Not so functional though, so it's a goodie for hanging on the wall.

We also visited some great stores while we were in Sydney. The first one was "David Met Nicole" on Cleveland Street in Surry Hills. A very inspiring and intriguing store. I could spend hours rummaging and riffling in David Met Nicole, but unfortunately can barely afford to buy anything there. Perhaps one vintage scrabble piece for $3.50, but thats about it! So gorgeous though...

And just a couple doors down was a shop called I Ran the Wrong Way. Their card nicely states that they are "a trader of good finds" - that's my kind of shop! I especially liked the "Cork Kitty" in the window...

The one shop I really wanted to visit while we were in Sydney was Little paper Lane... Unfortunately we were unlucky and we visited on their day off. We did have fun though, peering in through the window at all the paper goodies, slipping a letter under the door and eating ice creams from the take away shop next door...

I can't wait to go back to Sydney!