Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Ask Alice

I have been working hard on some really exciting new designs for Ask Alice. There is so much great stuff in the works at the moment and it will all be ready for August. This range has been really fun to work on and while it fits in really nicely with the existing range, it's quite different. I can't wait to get some samples back. I will be posting bits and pieces between now and August. Above, is the nose of someone who just came to life on Friday afternoon. His nose and the rest of his little head will be featured on lots of the new Ask Alice pieces. Do you have something in mind that you would like to see in Ask Alice's new items? I love hearing your suggestions. ♥

3 Lucky Finds

Today I hit the markets in my team of 3 (Me, Charley & Dee), I bought 3 nice things, I ate 3 donuts and little Dee got 3 doggy treats from stall holders. It really is the magic number.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Song of the Week

Japan in the 60's ... WOW, yes please!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Online Shop

The bulk of the Ask Alice website was finished some time ago now. I have been expecting it to be up and running 'any day now' for weeks! My web geek is still chipping away at it. I must have given him a really tricky job! I have gotten so impatient that I have started directing people to my online shop in the mean time. I hope that my online shop brings Ask Alice closer to all those folk who live in places that don't yet stock Ask Alice.

Nice Tattoos!

My boy Charley always has his head in a tattoo book or a pen in his hand. He's working his way to becoming a very good tattoo artist. Yesterday he sent me some links to tattoo artists he thought I would like and right he was! I was overwhelmed with the works that these fellas are producing. So damn cool. I included some works by two different artist, Jonas Uggli & DENO.

✂ - - - J O N A S - - U G G L I - - - ✂

✂ - - - D E N O - - - ✂

Today's Camberwell Loot

A record breaking day for us at Camberwell today, Dee and I only spent $4.50. $1 on a teeny little box that matches the small collection of these japanese boxes which I have picked up week after week at Camberwell. The little mouse on top of the box didn't come from Camberwell at all, in fact he was given to me a few years back by a japanese grandma. He matches this new little box very nicely.
The remaining $3.50 was spent on some blank cards that I thought might come in handy whilst putting together some new designs to be released in August. Greeting cards are just one of the few items to be released. There are some very exciting things in the works and tomorrow I am going on an exciting outing to a Bindery where I will be discussing some designs. Weeeee! I love making new things!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ask Alice on Flickr

, originally uploaded by eat more cake.

A friend kindly emailed me the link to this lovely little photo. It really makes me happy to see people enjoying Ask Alice. It's very nice to see good photos of Ask Alice items too! This has inspired me to get a little collection going on of Ask Alice products in different environments. If you feel like it and you have an Ask Alice item, please take a photo of it and share it with me. I would love to start posting pictures of my books at bus stops or in bins, in a bag or under a sleeping cat. If you post me a photo, I'll post you a book.... how's that for a deal?

Today's Find

This morning at Camberwell was the coldest morning that Camberwell Markets have seen all year. My fingers were so cold that I spent most of my time looking for a pair of gloves. I kept my hands in my pockets instead of digging through bric-a-brac but still came home very happy with my one purchase for the morning, a toy all the way from Sweden.....

Song of the Week

A nice bit of Beirut and a nice bit of video too...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Arthur's Circus

My friend Gemma always recommends the best stuff. Last week I finally visited Arthur's Circus, one of Gemma's recommendations from way back in January. Dee and I finally jumped in the car and putted our way over to North Melbourne. North Melbourne was once my neck of the woods and after my visit to Arthur's Circus, I wish it still was. Arthur's Circus really struck a chord with me. There was so much to look at. I was excited to find a jumble of books (new and old), artworks (framed and unframed), lovely stationery, old children's toys, things that looked like the finest picks from Camberwell and so many excellent gift options. Arthur's Circus is now on my list of favourite spots. I will most certainly be visiting again soon. Oh... AND they have a dog!

I also really like the Arthur's Circus website...

Lucky Dee

Lucky little Cheeze-Dog-Diesel got a new bed this week AND his daddy came home from France!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Each Sunday, I come home from Camberwell and say to Dee, "Wow, that was even better than last week". I'm not sure if the stall holders are upping their game on a weekly basis, or me and Dee are just getting better at digging. Dee is a great digger, maybe I have learned from him. So what did we find today?.... 5 pieces of wonderful junk!

First up:
My new Power Fan!! I have been looking for a nice old fan at camberwell for a few weeks now. There are lots to choose from but the majority of them are about $35-$40. I picked up my Power Fan for $5. Excellent!...

Next up:
We have my new little friend "Winkle". He is a little battery operated doggy. He walks and wags his tail and barks. Dee is fascinated by Winkle, I can't tell if it's love or hate, but it's cute all the same....

A gorgeous Japanese paper puzzle (right up my alley!) Initially I thought it was just a postcard and was excited enough at that, on closer inspection I was even more stoked when I realised the whole piece of paper unfolds and a big blank face of Charlie Chaplin appears. There are two cardboard eyes and a pair of cardboard lips. I had great fun when I got home placing Mr. Chaplins features is silly spots around his face. I love the cover image so much that I think I might have to frame it up.

Lucky number 4....
A fine match to my recent xylophone find, this little accordion has taken me a step close to staring a mini band. Now I just need a tin recorder and some mini monkeys to play the tunes.

Number 5

At long last a teeny ghetto blaster! I have been on the hunt for a gold one, but finally gave in today when I found this little Sanyo. My hunt for a tape player became all the more urgent when I received my order from the Book Depository last week - "Teach Yourself French Book & Audio", I presumed the audio would be a cd... it turns out it's a tape. All set now! Oui Oui... Très bien!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Meet Me at Mikes

You know you are on to something good when you do a google image search and these are the kind of images you're seeing....

Yep, you got it... I google image searched "meet me at mikes". After a trip to North Melbourne today, I thought I would swing by Meet Me at Mikes on my way east to say hello to the awesome M.M.A.M family and find a present for my sister Aimee. To my surprise I found myself on a tv set, drinking tea and eating freshly cooked pikelets, whilst preparing pieces of a quilt at a table of lovely ladys with a big scary camera rolling around the room. There is always something exciting going on at Pip's place! Whether it be a craft-a-thon, a roast dinner, a filming bonanza or just a nice cup of tea! Pip and her family have built a truly special thing over at Meet Me at Mikes. If you don't have the Meet Me at Mikes Book then you better get a wiggle on before the next brilliant M.M.A.M creation pops up and if your haven't visited their store in Fitzroy then - golly gosh, what have you been doing?! Thank you for the tea and pikelets Pip, I am sorry I had to skip out the door so soon! Next time I will leave little Dee at home!