Saturday, March 27, 2010


Another week at Camberwell. Added a third pair of scissors to my growing scissor collection and found me a nice little box to help keep a bit of order to my desk. $3 to a nice lady who couldn't hear a word I was saying.

Geeky Lomo Style App

As excellent and fun as Holgas and Dianas are, I dont always lug them around in my bag. Film, processing and printing all get a bit spendy too. I got this geeky app on my iphone last week after my friend Gemma recommended it. It's as fun as a polaroid back on a holga but wayyyy cheaper. It's called Hipstamatic. It's nice to pay just $1.99 for a whole new camera lense. Finally I find an app that I like more than Doodlejump. This entry is extremely dorky. I was going to include a picture of my new calculator for my next entry, but I think I need to slow down on the nerd fest.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


The last two weeks have been filled with fantastic packages, both sending and receiving. Very exciting. Amongst the unwrapped; one Jim Jarmusch box set!! This means the next 10 nights are booked out with the following movies - Night on Earth, Mystery Train, Ghost Dog, Down by Law, Stranger Than Paradise, Permanent Vacation, Dead Man, Year of the Horse, Coffee and Cigarettes and Broken Flowers. I can think of few things better than to watch these 10 movies, one after the other.

Also unwrapped by my fingers, a hand stitched Lorna & Jack T-shirt. This little gem was clearly created with care and great attention to detail. I could feel the love when I put it on! The t-shirts are organic cotton and they super feel nice. They are "Made by our friends in India" (as written on the care instructions tag) in an ethical, sweat shop free environment. Ooooh yeah, this is a special one....

A hand delivered Package too! From Gemma Jones, a limited edition set of her prints. 5 prints in the set. Everyday my favourite in the set changes. Today I chose Rhonda Runaway. They are truly special! Each hand signed and numbered. Ooh ooh Gemma's got an etsy page, yay - prints for everyone!

Lovely Song of the week

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bed Time


The last two weeks at Camberwell Markets have been rippers! Last Sunday found me an old Japanese Ice cream scoop for $2. It makes an excellent sound when you squeeze the Ice cream release trigger! The Ice cream scoop is pretty rad, but the beautiful old guillotine takes the cake. It's up there with my most favourite Camberwell Market findings. Priced at $28 a little haggling got it down to $20. The blade is sharp as sharp can be and slices though paper like a new guillotine. What a lucky find.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Minute Paper Cuts

This super little paper cut is only a few centimeters long by a couple centimeters tall. It is mounted on a light box in 'The Mini Museum' (Musée des Miniatures et Décors de Cinéma) in Lyon, France. As if this little piece of wonderfulness wasn't wonderful enough the artist, Engelhard Schmitt creates his precise mini masterpieces with scissors! A tree the size of an Australian 5 cent piece will have as many as 850 branches. Holy Moly, having a close up look at these pieces of perfection was a definite highlight of February's overseas trip! The mini museum had so many amazing teeny tiny creations. Hundreds of mini scenes (smaller than your mircowave) created by lots of other very clever people ....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Ask Alice

Woweeeee, it's been a very busy month. Overseas trips, new products and trade fairs all jammed into the month of February and overflowing into March. Things are settling down and Autumns magic is starting to show itself. 9 new items have have joined the Ask Alice gang. We have 8 sweet little die cut gift tags and we have a new postcard. We have a bunch of tags to share around. If you would like to get your mitts on a gift tag for yourself, send us an email with your name and address and if you feel like it...... a little Ask Alice feedback too (we like feedback). To request a gift tag, click here and then click 'contact'.... but make sure you request before June 30th, 2010.