Sunday, December 12, 2010

2 Sundays at Camberwell

I have 2 Sundays worth of Camberwell Market finds to share with you! First up... We have these cowboy and indian figurines which I bought for Charley for $2.

2 pairs of very big and very heavy scissors. The black pair are 33cm long! Sheers like this can get pretty pricey. This pair has a little nick on the tip of one of the blades so I picked them up for $30 - still a little pricey, but I made up for it with the red pair which were only $2.

$3 bought me this gorgeous little box of "Tibs - Tablets for Cats and Kittens". I bought them for the sweet box and threw away the old tablets. Packaging these days just doesn't compare. Why is that?

For $10 I picked up this rad metal chest of mini drawers. The chest is a bit rusty and very dirty, but with a good clean, should brush up quite nicely. Still not sure what I am going to use it for. Any suggestions?

This find, I was very happy with because a few months back I picked up the matching box in black, white and gold. The box was $2. I now have 2 in the set and am on the hunt for more. They are perfect for storing my millions of paper scraps in.

And lastly, an out of the ordinary purchase for me - 3 dresses. Usually I walk straight on by the clothing stalls and hit the bric-a-brac. These nice dresses however, caught my eye and are all a prefect fit. Lucky me! I paid $15 for each dress.


  1. Great finds! That gorgeous metal chest, could scrub up well with some nice tags on the front of each drawer naming whats inside. Each drawer could be named after a colour and you could put your coloured scraps inside! I'm sure you have heaps! I hope to get to the Camberwell Market this weekend - whats the ideal time to get there to find some nice
    bric a brac? Keep the finds coming. - Alana

  2. Don't go this weekend! They will be closed until boxing day. One of the stall holders told me a little secret though - This weekend will be an extra good one at Wantirna Market! Lots of the Camberwell Market stall holders will be there. It starts at 6am. If you arrive bright and early then you have to pay an "early bird" fee of $10. I am not sure what time the early bird fee ends. Apparently the top floor is mostly fruit and veg, all the junk is on the lower level. I hope I bump into you there!

  3. P.s I love your suggestion for my drawers. I will take you up on that for sure!

  4. Thank you so much for the tip-I would have gone at the crack of dawn&arrived to an empty car park! Phew...looking forward to seeing your wantirna market finds!
    Good luck with the drawers!

  5. Your gift tags are a few times in the what katie ate christmas iissu. They look so nice go take a peek