Monday, November 1, 2010

$9 worth of Camberwell goodness

The last 2 Sunday's at Camberwell haven't found me many-a-treasure. I think between the two Sundays I spent a total of $9. This is what $9 can pick you up at Camberwell Markets...

A funny old rusty basket. I am going to paint it yellow!

A piece of a broken cuckoo clock. It's the Hansel and Gretel house! See the prezel above the door? In the background is my much loved little Travis Lampe Tear Drip. (He came from Outré, not Camberwell!)

These two books are very old Japanese text books. One of them had an English flash card between the pages. I pulled these two books out of a whole box full. I was happy that I happened to pick the one book that had this flash card left in it. I have plenty of Japanese flash cards myself! I wonder who owned this book?

Hee hee! Pretty Poly twine. I will be using this to tie up christmas packages.


  1. The "pretty poly" twine wins.
    Thanks for the e-mail and fast reply, I will post tomorrow night!