Friday, May 7, 2010

Meet Me at Mikes

You know you are on to something good when you do a google image search and these are the kind of images you're seeing....

Yep, you got it... I google image searched "meet me at mikes". After a trip to North Melbourne today, I thought I would swing by Meet Me at Mikes on my way east to say hello to the awesome M.M.A.M family and find a present for my sister Aimee. To my surprise I found myself on a tv set, drinking tea and eating freshly cooked pikelets, whilst preparing pieces of a quilt at a table of lovely ladys with a big scary camera rolling around the room. There is always something exciting going on at Pip's place! Whether it be a craft-a-thon, a roast dinner, a filming bonanza or just a nice cup of tea! Pip and her family have built a truly special thing over at Meet Me at Mikes. If you don't have the Meet Me at Mikes Book then you better get a wiggle on before the next brilliant M.M.A.M creation pops up and if your haven't visited their store in Fitzroy then - golly gosh, what have you been doing?! Thank you for the tea and pikelets Pip, I am sorry I had to skip out the door so soon! Next time I will leave little Dee at home!


  1. The only thing missing was Gemma Jones!

  2. Oh SEZ! Sorry we threw you in the total deep end! You were very good at spooning cream and being adorable and crafty. You are so lovely to write about us! Thank you! xxxxxxx